Building Healthy Brains



We are a team of physicians and health care professionals ready to help you have a better brain in every way. We will assist you to improve your memory, mood, and cognitive abilities. Inspired by the work of Dr. Dale Bredesen (author of The End of Alzheimer’s), we design a program and offer support so you can develop “a better brain at any age.” Our brains are amazing organisms that orchestrate every detail of our lives. However, they are also incredibly “hungry” organisms that can start to show signs of weakness if they are deprived of any of key nutrients OR if forced to deal with chemical or other toxic exposures that might impair normal function. Your brain has performed amazingly well at different times in your life; it is possible to restore some or all of your brain’s abilities.

Your first appointment will be at our offices in Ashland, Oregon, and we can continue to meet with you either in person or via phone or internet.

Our highest priority is your success: we will work with you to find a program of diet, lifestyle, supplements, and medications as needed to optimize the health of your brain. We are a team of practitioners who “walk our talk” and are eager to share with you the challenge and joys of creating a viable and successful lifestyle.