Creme Fraiche

By: Denise, December 24, 2011
Cultured Dairy Products, Recipes

1 pt good quality cream
1 Tbsp. commercial or whole-milk buttermilk or commercial creme fraiche





European-style sour cream, called crème fraiche (and pronounced “creme fresh”) is a key ingredient to French cooking. It has a delicious flavor and is wonderful in creamed soups and sauces. In larger cities, crème fraiche is available at gourmet and health food stores.

To make crème fraiche at home, start with the best quality cream you can find. Raw cream is best but pasteurized will do. Do not use ultapasteurized cream. Place in a clean glass container. Add buttermilk or crème fraiche, stir well, cover tightly and place in a warm spot for 20 to 24 hours. Chill well.

Note: If you can find neither good quality cream nor crème fraiche, use the best quality American-style, additive-free sour cream you can find in all recipes that call for crème fraiche or piima cream.


Reprinted with permission from Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon with Mary Enig, Ph.D.