Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee, Operations Coordinator

Rachel’s introduction to the medical community began when she was a small child as my father was first an EMT then transitioned to be a RN. She did not question the institution he was a part of until she was deep into her undergraduate degree and taking classes from an Anthropologist MPH who exposed her to the work of Robbie Davis-Floyd’s concept of technocratic birth and the industrialization of medicine. After graduating, she pursued being a birth doula because she wanted to help people feel empowered by their childbirth experiences.

Over the course of the last 9 years, she has come to realize that a B.S. in Geography prepped her to be a systems thinker and take a step back to look at the “greater” picture, as well as guiding her to be technologically literate. Her commitment to holistic health was deepened during her undergraduate degree and sealed when I began my path as a doula.

When she began working with Dr. Deborah Gordon, she thought it was a “just for now” administrative assistant job, but it took a life of its own. She is committed to working with those that have values she can stand for and put the ability to attain health sovereignty into the hands of patients. Lifestyle change, preventative, and natural medicine truly have the potential to transform the health of our nation. She is determined to continue to be relevant and empowered as she finds real and tangible ways to serve those looking to attain greater avenues towards health and wellbeing. She currently works remotely from her home in the Panhandle of Florida where she lives with her two young children and partner, Derek.