If you are a current patient of Dr. Deborah Gordon or Northwest Memory Center please visit our Patient Portal.

You can enter the Patient Portal by clicking the above hyperlink and logging in with your username and password. If you have not been invited to the Patient Portal, please contact our office at (541) 482-8333 or .

You will only be given access to the portal if you are a current patient of Northwest Memory Center or have a scheduled upcoming appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Patient Portal:

Q: How do I acquire a username and password?
A: You will be invited to the Patient Portal via your email address provided to our office. Once you click on your link, you will be prompted to create a username and password.

Q: I can’t remember my username or password. How do I reset it?
A: Please contact our office and we will reset it for you. You will once again be prompted to create a NEW username and password. Please keep these items somewhere safe and accessible to you.

Q: What can I do with my Patient Portal?
A: You can securely correspond with any staff member or physician with the “Secure Messaging” feature. You are able to upload any documents or imaging to the “Labs and Documents”, receive your visit notes via the “My Visit Summaries”, submit current information about supplements and medications, add pharmacies, and alter any demographic/insurance information.

Q: I was charged for using the “Secure Messaging” part of the Patient Portal. Why?
A: If you write a message to any practitioner (health coaches, nutritionist, or physicians) and they take more than 5 minutes to answer your inquiries, you will be charged accordingly as per our normal office charges (rate of $5.50/minute in 5 minute increments).

Q: What other resources are available for learning about the Patient Portal?
A: Please visit the MD-HQ Patient Portal – “Help for Patients” section for more information how to best utilize your electronic medical records with Northwest Memory Center.