Deborah Gordon, M.D, is the founder and medical director of Northwest Wellness Center, LLC. She has had a lifelong interest in health and wellness, which she has incorporated into an integrative medical practice in southern Oregon for more than thirty years. She has a strong interest in finding the lifestyle choices that can prevent and reverse health problems, avoiding medications where possible and using them wisely where necessary. For the last decade, she has worked with a particular focus on cognitive health. More

Ashley Shrader

Ashley Shrader, DNP

Ashley Shrader, DNP is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and IFM Certified Practitioner. Prior to Functional Medicine, Ashley worked in various conventional healthcare settings, which revealed the algorithmic and impersonal nature of the traditional healthcare model that leaves many patients overlooked and neglected. Unsatisfied with this approach, she pursued continuing education with the Institute for Functional Medicine, a rigorous and intensive certification program, which emphasizes treating the whole person and the root causes of their symptoms. More

Barrett Gifford


Barrett is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist practicing in Southern Oregon. Her approach to wellness and nutrition is rooted in the understanding that “FOOD IS MEDICINE” — its value is based not in its calorie count, but in identifying how we can maximize the micro and macro-nutrients in our food to nourish our bodies. Barrett provides targeted protocols to help you better understand your body and learn how to fuel yourself with nutrient-rich foods that optimize health and vitality, while combating chronic disease. More

Maggie Iba

MAGGIE IBA, Front Office Manager + Health Coach

Maggie serves as both the Front Office Manager and Health Coach at Northwest Wellness Center. In this dual role she is uniquely able to support patients with the nuts and bolts of their care so that they can make tangible progress towards their health goals. She integrates her knowledge of nutrition, supplementation, somatic awareness, mindfulness, positive psychology, and the Bredesen Protocol to partner with patients.
-expanding garden, cooking delicious food, wildcrafting herbs, dancing, yoga and traveling whenever possible. More

Rachel Lee

RACHEL LEE, Operations Coordinator

Rachel’s introduction to the medical community began when she was a small child as my father was first an EMT then transitioned to be a RN. She did not question the institution he was a part of until she was deep into her undergraduate degree and taking classes from an Anthropologist MPH who exposed her to the work of Robbie Davis-Floyd’s concept of technocratic birth and the industrialization of medicine. After graduating, she pursued being a birth doula because she wanted to help people feel empowered by their childbirth experiences. More

Caden Edwards


Caden works remotely as a part-time virtual administrative assistant . He is excited to be working with NWC again after moving from Ashland to the beautiful beaches of the Florida Panhandle. He assists with many tasks, so patients will likely see messages from him regularly. More



Fiona is Dr. Gordon’s third “office” dog. Our patients enjoyed Grady and Cucumber, two large and stoic mastiffs that consecutively served as sweet mascots of the office. Now, sweet Fiona has the title and is enjoyed by all.