Maggie Iba

Maggie Iba, Front Office Manager + Health Coach

Maggie serves as both the Front Office Manager and Health Coach at Northwest Wellness Center. In this dual role she is uniquely able to support patients with the nuts and bolts of their care so that they can make tangible progress towards their health goals. She integrates her knowledge of nutrition, supplementation, somatic awareness, mindfulness, positive psychology, and the Bredesen Protocol to partner with patients.

Maggie’s interest in integrative health and wellness began as she searched for ways to address her own health challenges. An early step in her healing journey was sourcing and cooking real food as a radical act of self-care. After studying Fine Art and Psychology at Westmont College and living in Italy and South Korea, she returned to the Westmont campus to manage a small scale farm. While growing much of their fresh produce, she also served as a liaison between the dining services and students to help them address a spectrum of dietary needs. Maggie is certified in permaculture design, Reiki levels I and II, and has worked in individual processing and group facilitation for women’s empowerment since 2013.

She is mother to two beautiful little ones and lives with her partner and parents on an intergenerational, forested property just west of Ashland. She enjoys tending to her ever-expanding garden, cooking delicious food, wildcrafting herbs, dancing, yoga and traveling whenever possible.