When troubled, our brains deserve attention matching in complexity the brain’s own breadth and depth of function.

Brain Health: elderly couple and children

Our brains are incredibly diverse, resilient and versatile, from our early years spent learning to walk and talk to our adult lives where we integrate jobs, families, friends and the outer world in general. As we age, it can be normal to forget some of the details of our long lives, but when we forget what we just learned or can’t find familiar words or names, we may be developing early signs of dementia: the progressive loss of normal brain functions.

Conventional research seeking single treatment solutions has offered little, while physicians who respect the brain’s complexity are achieving much better results by addressing issues of diet, lifestyle, and environmental effects.

Dr. Gordon has trained and worked with Dr. Dale Bredesen, creator of the Bredesen Protocol for Brain Health. She was one of the three Clinical Investigators in his recently published successful trial, “Precision Medicine Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Our patients come to us at all stages of concern–from healthy brains worried about genetic inheritance to compromised brains hoping for a glimmer of recovery. For each patient we start with a thorough evaluation of that individual, including personal and medical history details, lifestyle habits and patterns, and thorough testing of metabolism and brain performance.

HEALTHY STEPS. Finding the pathway back to good brain health starts with brain-healthy lifestyle measures. At every physician appointment we will share information about optimal brain-friendly life choices and work with you to modify those recommendations to fit your lifestyle. Each visit also has a specific task of attention:

Bredesen Illustration

  • Your initial Cognitive appointment is a fact-finding mission. We spend whatever time is necessary uncovering the processes or incidents leading to your brain’s diminished level of health. Based on what we discuss, tests will be ordered to take measure, confirm, or rule out how different factors may be pertinent to the health of your brain.
  • Your second Cognitive appointment is a planning conference. We will start with a review of the testing ordered at the first appointment and progress to an individualized plan of action, detailing possible choices of dietary changes, supplement and even pharmaceutical additions to your brain health plan.
  • While our dietary recommendations are based on a set of principles, the value lies in whether the diet is effective in both nourishing you and feeding your brain with ketones. Our Health Coach will meet with you to consult on your results, choices and planning ahead.
  • Subsequent visits will be scheduled on an individually determined basis, befitting your own test results, needs and goals.

Making changes in our routines can be challenging, from changing what we have for breakfast, to the addition of new supplements or prescriptions, and even what we do to exercise and relax. Sessions with our nutritionist and health coach can provide individualized support and understanding, so that you can implement the changes that will direct your brain toward its optimal state of health.


How to become a Cognitive patient with Dr. Gordon:

First, please call the office to discuss becoming a “Memory Care” patient. At that time

  •  We will create your patient chart by collecting some basic demographic information
  • We will also invite you to set up an account through our patient portal.
  • On the portal you can find all your new patient paperwork.
  • **NOTE** Please complete all your new patient paperwork at least 48 hours before your first appointment with Dr. Gordon. (If you are unable to complete the paperwork by that time, your appointment may be rescheduled at the discretion of Dr. Gordon. )

Once you have a new patient account, we will schedule for you an appointment with Maggie Iba, our health coach. You will meet with her for an initial cognitive test as well as a quick personal orientation to our practice and the ways we will work together as a team for the benefit of your brain’s health. The assessment and visit with Maggie will cost $150. After the assessment and orientation visit with Maggie, we will schedule you for your first visit with Dr. Gordon.

We highly encourage our cognitive patients to utilize the services of our nutritionist and health coach on their journey to better brain health. For this reason, the first appointment with Barrett (nutritionist) and Maggie (health coach) will be 15% off for Memory Care patients.

We understand the financial implications of beginning treatment for cognitive health and decline. Once a Memory Care patient has spent $2,500 on services at Northwest Wellness Center, we will credit their account $200. This can be put towards office visits with the providers, additional testing, and/or supplements. Please call the office at 541-482-8333 if you have additional questions regarding memory care with Dr. Deborah Gordon.