Are you interested or ready to become a patient at Northwest Wellness Center?
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Northwest Wellness - become a patient

Our highest priority is your success. We will work with you to find a program of diet, lifestyle, supplements, and medications that is designed with your individuality in mind. We are eager to share with you the challenge and joys of creating a vibrant and successful lifestyle.

Exploratory Visits

If you want the chance to meet one of our providers before establishing care, you can schedule an Exploratory Visit. This 20 minute appointment will give you the opportunity to ask questions regarding the practitioners clinical approach so that you can determine whether the provider/patient relationship will be a good fit for you and vis versa. This visit is not an established care visit. A treatment plan will not be created or recommended during this visit. Our providers are not legally obligated to order tests or prescribe medications after this visit. The Exploratory Visit costs $130 which is due at your check in at the office or at the time of scheduling if you are conducting the visit via telemedicine. Please call the front office if you have questions about this process or would like to schedule. 541-482-8333.

New Patient Process

Ashley Shrader, FNP, is accepting new cognitive and longevity patients. Please call the front office to schedule

Deborah Gordon, MD, is accepting a limited number of new patients with a focus on cognitive care and postmenopausal health. 

Barrett Gifford, MS, Nutritionist, is accepting new patients that are both established and non-established patients of Northwest Wellness Center. If you are not an established patient of the clinic, please call the front office to schedule your 1-hour new patient appointment with Barrett.

Northwest Wellness Center uses a patient portal for all our new patient paperwork. We will send you an email “inviting” you to the portal and from there you will create a username and password. All our new patient paperwork is under the “Questionnaires” tab on the right-hand side of the screen. Please be sure to finish the paperwork at least 48-72 hours before your new patient appointment. If this has not been done, your appointment may be rescheduled. If you would prefer paper copies of our new patient paperwork, please let us know and we will mail those for you to fill out and mail or bring to the office, ideally before your scheduled appointment.

We require a $50 deposit to hold your New Patient appointment. This will be due at the time you schedule your appointment. Please arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment to complete the check-in process.

We can see patients remotely via telemedicine. However, if you currently reside outside of the state of Oregon, your new patient appointment must be in person.

If you have further questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please call the office at 541-482-8333.